Spongebob Saw Game („Bob Esponja Saw Game“) walkthrough

Ich bin ein ganz grosser Fan der Puzzel-Adventurespiele von Inkagames, einem kleinen Entwicklerstudio aus Peru.

Für das aktuelle „Spongebob Saw Game“ hab ich mal einen Walkthrough geschrieben.

Open door, go downstairs (left). Use the red-white striped thing on the right, pull the left anchor down, then the right anchor.

Pick shell, go upstairs again and right into the bedroom. Use shell on chest, pickup content (a sock, karate gloves, screwdriver). Go out and down again into the kitchen. Use screwdriver on the oven in the back, pick up bottle of oil. Go up again, then into the bathroom. Grab action statue from the bathtub, use oil on faucet handle, use faucet. Look on mirror, remember numbers. Use the numbers on the locker on the left, grab key. Go out and downstairs, use key on the door. Right behind the house is the teleporter map, grab it.

You should have a teleporter map, an action figure, a screwdriver, a sock and a pair of karate gloves now.

Teleport to crusty crab now, grab the gear and enter building. Grab piece of paper (1) behind the pole on the left. Talk to Squidward, enter Mr.Krabs office, pick the small shell below the fan, talk to Mr Krab.

Teleport to Squidwards house, touch the pink shell on the right, pickup rubber gloves left behind the house.

Teleport to Patricks house. „Talk“ to rock, talk to Patrick. Give action statue to Patrick, get key.

Teleport to Patricks house again, use key on door, enter house. Pickup piece of paper (2) from the left of the bar (difficult to see because Bob stands right in front of it) and pickup flashlight on the bar, go right, pickup wrench, broken bike, crowbar.

Teleport to Planktons laboratory, enter house, talk to Vicky (the hand in the upper left), use third phrase. Pickup battery (the thing with the red square on it). Use pair of rubber gloves with battery, teleport to „Jellyfish fields“, use battery on jellyfish, teleport back to laboratory, replace battery, get dollar bill.

Teleport back to crusty crab, give dollar bill to Mr. Krab. Pickup fan, pickup anchor. Use screwdriver on fan (gives „propeller“). „Use“ broken bike, use wrench on bike, use propeller on bike. Give bike to Squidward. Pickup bowl with chewing gum, gives fishbowl.

Teleport to „Flying Dutchman“. Talk to citizen, option 1. Grab rope, go left. Give sock to the ghost. Use crowbar on steering wheel, gives golden dublone. Go right, pickup „arcorn shaped metal plate“. Go right, pickup „metal plugs“. Go left and then down. Pickup „metal wheel“ and „shield“.

Combine „acorn shaped plate“ with „metal wheel“ and „metal plugs“ with wheel.

Teleport to „Sandys tree dome“, pickup „medallion“ and use the wheel on the door. Use fishbowl, enter dome. Talk to Sandy, give karate gloves to Sandy. Pickup pair of ballons.

Teleport back to ship into the storage room downstairs. Use flashlight on piece of paper, use medallion on the ghost appeared. Go to the now opened chest and grab anything. Look on „shield“ and put pink shell and crown on it. You have a piece of paper (2) now with a riddle on it.

Teleport to „Pigsaws Castle“. Grab gear on the left. Talk to boatman, give dublone to boatman. Go right, pickup clock. Inflate ballons, give them to the guard.

Combine the papers 1+2. The green marked fields are the buttons to press, the order is given by the numbers (from the lowest to highest number).

Enter room, use the golden shield (simply click it). Grab star-shaped metal plate. Go right. Look on the watch and place the gems according the colors on the watch (for example green on top, pink left, blue right, red down). Pickup wrecking ball, go right. Find a cube without a star in it, place „star-shaped metal plate“. Go right, pick hook, go to the middle and read the riddle on paper 3. Click the symbols (sun, thunder, cloud, moon) in the order the riddle says. Go right.

Click on large gear and place large gear on the left wheel. Push button. A small door opens, pick up key. Klick on large gear again, get belt. Put belt on the rightmost wheel, put small gear on rightmost wheel. Push button again. Use key on door. Enter room. Grab „props arm“ on the left. Use computer. Move the brown pieces on the plates with the face (not very difficult). Go right. You may look through the hole left of the opposite door.

Put wrecking ball on hook, use lever on the left twice. Put anchor on the hook, use lever again and go right. Watch scene, go right.

Combine rubber gloves with hook. Use props arm on Plankton and then quickly use the hook on the sparkling wire above him.

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